Showreel Diane Clairin

Click To Go product launch campaign for Brazil

Freezemates product launch campaign for European market

Sales force event campaign for European market

Lunch Box product launch campaign for India

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Tupperware cookware campaign
Tupperware special cookware edition
Once a year Tupperware organize a culinary contest for the Team Leader and Unit Manager in Europe. 40 countries participated, with only 1 winner per country. The winners spent 2 exceptional days in Paris in magical and prestigious places. The concept behind those visuals is to represent Paris either with iconic monuments or with parisian chic outfits and the culinary aspect with Tupperware's products or chef's outfits.
Tupperware Spring/Summer 2021 - 360° CAMPAIGN
Creation of approx. 700 visual contents for print and digital communication. In-house production of a 76 pages, adapted and translated for 37 markets. Overseeing a team of graphic designers and photo retouchers to maintain a consistent brand identity.
Biggest Party is a 5 weeks event focused on the sales force to increase the activity, the parties and the recruitment. To encourage the sales force to surpass themselves, the theme developed is ELEVATE YOUR SENSES.
Tupperware Jubilee campaign
Jubilee is meant to be a fun, inspiring and motivational event for Tupperware sales force. To help create this energy and excitement, the theme we have developed is JUMP! Jump, leap, bound, spring, rise… all words of upward movement and high energy that can be used to signify: growth, achievement, reaching the next level, surpassing oneself, striving to do better. The concept of those images is to portray different types of women jumping, leaping, dancing to represent the diversity and energy of the sales force.
Nutrimetics catalog campaign
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